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Flowers are a sure way to show her

you really care.

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Valentine's Day Floweers

Nothing says ‘I adore you’ like a moment of beauty shared. On February 14, allow us to elevate your Valentine’s Day with gifts that uphold traditions of the heart and honor exquisite floral beauty … allow us to make every love in your life feel special this Valentine's Day.

Interior Encores

When we are decorating and feathering our nests, we believe there are many beautiful, gently used home accessories available worth our applause and consideration.

Our collection comes from the homes and estates of those who have lived graciously practiced hospitality.

How can we help you?

Vintage, Classic, History

Let us carry on the legacies they have left behind. Not all pieces are registered antiques. They are quality and interesting accessories to blend with todays' interiors.

Share our interest in living green and preserving America's resources. Embrace our heritage and take a look at our hospitality accents. They deserve an encore and our applause.

C. F..D.

A.I.F.D. certified florists

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